Tennyson Palliative Care Foundation is a not for profit entity and donations over $2 are fully tax deductible




For most patients and their families this is a time of anxious uncertainty; whether it is about the outcome of investigations, treatment procedures, or the future implications of the patient’s condition or illness.

For some the experience of loss or anticipated loss is what weighs most heavily. To lose someone we care about may be the hardest experience we ever have to bear. Grief and loss can be an overwhelming experience – something for which we were never prepared.

Whatever the concern, even the most resourceful and capable people may benefit from professional counselling support. This may be because of a need to make sense of their experience, to adapt to new demands and challenges, to find a way through ‘unfamiliar territory’, or to tackle personal, family or practical issues.

Counselling is provided free of charge by Tennyson Palliative Care Foundation to The Adelaide Cancer Centre’s patients, their families, or those caring for you. You can speak to our counsellor in person or over the phone at any stage of your cancer experience.


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  • Counselling and emotional support for people who are ill with cancer
  • Palliative care counselling
  • Grief and bereavement counselling for family or carers
  • Follow up counselling for 12 months after a death
  • Bereavement Support Groups to connect with others sharing a similar journey


Our counsellor, Rosemary Willoughby, is available by phone, or in person at The Adelaide Cancer Centre.




We are committed to providing professional support and assistance in a compassionate, gentle and safe environment, with integrity and confidentiality.

At Adelaide Cancer Centre, we embrace the needs of the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to bring healing, hope and peace to all in an environment of compassion.

Adelaide Cancer Centre supports the work of Rosemary by providing consulting facilities, and secretarial support free of charge to Tennyson Palliative Care Foundation.

Ongoing public donations allows us to provide much needed counselling to our patients, their families and carers and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.  A receipt will be provided to you in due course.  We also gratefully receive donations In Memoriam and will provide an acknowledgment to the family if the deceased details are provide