Palliative Care


The Adelaide Cancer Centre provides treatment and support for the person with cancer and for their families.


What is palliative care?


Palliative care aims to address the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of patients with the aim of achieving the best quality of life. This involves the supportive care of the family whose needs are interwoven with those of the patient.


How do I access the palliative car services?


Referral to palliative care may be suggested by your Oncologist, your General Practitioner or you may request a referral. The palliative care team regularly visits the  Ashford Hospital and other inpatient facilities.


The benefits of involving the palliative care team


Members of the palliative care team are:


  • Experts in symptom management. Symptoms may cause concern at any stage during treatment or illness
  • Work closely with other community services, aiming to assist people to remain at home during their illness
  • Are available to co-ordinate care needs, regardless of the site of care.