Quality of life


Undergoing treatment for cancer results in many effects on your life. Many of these are a direct consequence of the cancer treatments and are dealt with by your cancer specialists.


However, there are other effects on your life and in general health that may develop during or after your treatment that are also important.


Their management can improve your experience of the treatment and your quality of life. Improvements in quality of life in cancer patients have been shown to be beneficial to patient well-being.


Some of these problems are unique to cancer patients and can be complicated and take time to treat effectively.


The Adelaide Cancer Centre offers a comprehensive approach to the treatment of these important aspects of whole patient care.


Dr Susan Taylor, a general practitioner with specific interest in this area will be consulting at the Adelaide Cancer Centre on a regular basis.


Appointments are available by calling 8292 2220 and speaking to reception staff.


Please contact our administration team (8292 2220) if you require any assistance or guidance in this area.