Rosemary Willoughby



Professional Qualification 

BA, BSocAdmin, GDFamThpy


About Rosemary Willoughby

Counsellor Rosemary Willoughby joined our team at Adelaide Cancer Centre in 2014.


Graduating from the University of Adelaide in 1973 with a BA in Psychology and Music, Rosemary completed a Post- Graduate Bachelor Social Administration at Flinders University in 1976. In 1994 she obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy.


Rosemary started her career with the Eastern Regional Geriatric and Medical Rehabilitation Service, 1977 – 1991, and specialised in the area of home based care for people with dementia. 1991 – 2010 she worked at the Ashford Hospital in all areas, cardiac, surgical, general medical and oncology.


Her out of work interests include golf, bushwalking, bridge, sewing and gardening.